Add a new wetland location marker

  • Select Add New Marker in the Maps Marker Pro plugin.
  • Add the name of the wetland and paste in the Latitude and Longitude of the location.
  • Go to the Layer(s) box and select the Okanagan Wetlands layer.
  • Select the marker from the list at the bottom of the page.
  • Save the page.
  • Make a note of the marker ID.

Add a new page for the wetland

  • Pages -> Add New Page
  • Enter name of wetland in the title.
  • Page Navigation -> Set the parent to Wetlands.
  • Load the Divi template.
    • Click use Divi builder.
    • Load from Library
    • Add From Library
    • Then Load the newest version of Wetland Info with text.
  • In the Flickr Feed, update the tags for the Photo stream.
    • The photo tag always starts with OKW, then the name with no spaces.
  • Add text to the appropriate languages. Delete languages that are not being used.
  • Open theĀ  Location Map and add the marker ID to the short code.


  • Appearance -> Menus.
  • Add the new page to the menu. The convention is to place the wetlands in order from north to south.


  • Upload photographs to your photostream.
  • Tag with the OKW<name> tag
  • Add to the Okanagan Wetlands page.

Now check the page.

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